Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Most Successful 2012 Apps ?

From Two Popular blogs I have Taken Content For Pointing Top Apps OF Last Year . Blogs are Entitled as 5 Successful 2012 Apps For Ideas and Inspiration - From FAtbit Blog and The 5 Most Successful Apps of 2012 From .

The count of apps in App Store and Google Play if taken together would lurk around 1.5 million. Here are the 10 successful apps of 2012

This photo app truly deserves the billion-dollar price tag. It adds striking filters and incredibly easy photo sharing options. According to statistics, Instagram got :

  • 30 million downloads on iPhone and iPad
  • 10 million downloads on Android powered Smartphone and tablet devices
all in just 10 days. .
Instapaper (Instapaper.Com)

Instapaper was developed by the programmer Marco Arment in 2008 as a web service to store online articles to read later. As of March 2012, there are approximately 2.5 million people using Instapaper’s free as well as pro versions. The app is available on all major web browsers, Apple iOS devices, and Amazon Kindle.

The Room

The mystery game ran away with the honors of the ‘Best iPad Game of 2012’ for plenty of reasons. Graphics, music, levels, and of course the puzzle itself has made iPad users to go in download frenzy.


The organizing app, EverNote features in the ‘best apps of 2012’ page of Google Play. It can be downloaded for free and is also New York Times ‘Top 10 Must-Have App’.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds, a slingshot video game was launched in 2009 by a Finnish video games designer Jaakko Iisalo as a flagship product of Rovio Entertainment Ltd. Available in both free as well as paid versions, it has become the most downloaded game app ever with over 700 million downloads.

For iPhone users, Letterpress is another game worth taking notice. It is being hailed as the perfect cocktail of fun and strategy. The word game seeks inspiration from Boggle and Othello, and comes with the option of playing against friends through Game Center.

Goodnight Moon & Grimm’s Snow White

Goodnight Moon for Apple devices and Grimm’s Snow White for Android devices have been downloaded by parents all over the world to give their toddlers and children interactive bedtime experience.  Android and iPad app developers have been exploring new target audience recently, and children along with their parents have held their attention.

Draw Something

Draw Something, a mobile rendition of Pictionary has been developed by Omgpop, an online multiplayer gaming website. Omgpop was later (on March 21, 2012) acquired by the gaming giant Zynga for about $180 million. Draw Something, in first fifty days after its release, has been downloaded for over 50 million times.

Temple Run

Temple Run, developed by Imangi Studio, a Washington D.C. based gaming company, was launched with 99 cents per download; however, in less than 2 months, the company decided to make it available for free.

Rayman Jungle Run is another game that was widely loved.
Though these were some app success stories for inspiration, which 2012 app do you think deserve a mention?
Resource link .and Fatbit blog

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