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Web Site Re-Designing Considerations and Why Website Redesign is Essential

website redesigning could be demanding and thus, one ought to tread with as much knowledge as one can. Consider the following points, for they might come handy.

Goal of redesigning :

website redesigning considerations

A website owner doesn't reach the decision of redesigning in a jiffy. A number of factors are responsible for making the owner consider an option that might cost money as well as time.

Let’s look at some of the most significant reasons why a website redesign is essential
  • Websites also date, they mature and grow, hence there may come a time when certain features and functions will require overhauling .
  • Since your website is your professional online identity, make sure that it is taken care of well. If the site looks amateurish or embedded with broken links, it needs to be repaired
  • If the images on the website are not correctly optimized, it will have a negative impact on the rankings and website’s accessibility. In order to steal a march on your rivals, it’s important to redesign your website and integrate a very effective optimization plan as wel
  • Contents on the website should not be very dense and must be SEO friendly for SERPs to know you and place you on initial pages. Breaking up sections of the content text with headers. This enables readers scan pages promptly. This content is copied from FAblog .
responsive web designFew more that becomes reason for Redesign a website : Does your website take a long time to load?  Is your site slowly losing visitors over time?  Are parts of your site not functioning properly? Do search engines even know you exist? Is your website Design Responsive "Responsive is present Trend in Designing Industry " 

Hence, goal behind the redesigning needs to be very clear to avoid disappointment after the whole process is completed. Design team or company that is being considered for the overhaul needs to kept in the loop and informed about the same. In this way, designers will know where they have to focus and what actually is required.

Minor or Major change :

Objective of the redesign would state whether the website just needs nip and tuck or a complete makeover. While designer would suggest what needs to be done to achieve the goal of redesigning, it is up to the client to decide what changes he wants with the platform. If client wishes for only some areas like navigation or layout to be changed, then, designers have to limit themselves to those spheres only. In case of complete redesign, client needs to see whether he wants the website to resemble the old one or have a completely different look. In this, one needs to consider the point of regular visitors discussed above.
Best and Worst of the Present Design
Best and Worst of the Present Design :

Irrespective of the fact that client is considering redesign, there will be some elements that might be worth keeping. Maybe, the same might also be the ones that brought traffic till now. So, a client needs to see what is loved and what detested in the platform. Best website design services would argue the same and might even suggest keeping the traffic bringers. In the same way, one needs to find the worst in the design and also suggest the experts to stray away from anything that resembles them. Making a list might come handy in the task.

Enhancing User Interaction :

It is quite possible that the earlier website was losing to the rival websites because there was non-availability of tools that could be employed for user interaction. Forums, user-generated content, polls, comment space and quizzes are great ways to keep the user glued. In case of blogs and information sharing websites, having a hassle free comment section is as important at content itself! So, designer and client have to discuss how they could enhance user interaction while keeping in mind the platform under question.

Keeping Traffic Generating Pages and Terms :

There are always some pages that are considered more useful or informative by visitors. So, they receive more traffic as compared to their other contemporaries. Hence, it would not be appropriate to get rid of such pages. Same is the case of such terms or keywords. New design should pay heed to such keywords to keep on directing the regular traffic. Your best website development company would surely suggest the same if suggestion be asked for.

Pay Heed to Inbound Links :

If your website has pages which have a considerable number of active inbound links, then not taking advantage of them would only be irrational. Using the same URL structure will help the case greatly and if client is determined to get rid of it, then redirecting traffic to the appropriate page could be the option worth exploring. Besides, abandoning loyal visitors by not paying attention to such inbound links would help no one.

Think About Content :

If programming and designing together form the backbone of a website, then, content is certainly the heart of it. When thinking redesign, one needs to consider whether content needs to be altered too or not. Layout needs to be in harmony with the content for better readability. Hence, client needs to decide whether the old content would do or new one needs to be framed.

Focusing on User’s Experience :

If going for a new design, the target should be to raise the bar in terms of user experience no matter what level it was earlier. If a platform is confusing with flawed navigation, then there is little use spending money in overall aesthetics. Keeping things simple could work if in doubt about what to do. Scope of enhancing user experience would be limited in case one wishes to alter only some fields of the design. However, in case of full redesign, there is a lot of scope for experimentation.

Mind Bandwidth :

This might seem going a little overboard but speed matter a lot if you don’t wish your visitors to suffer. The logic behind the fact is that using elements like graphics, videos and even FLASH increases the load time of a website. In such case, targeting a geographical area where average internet speed is less could turn out to be a recipe of disaster. For web users located in such areas, using a simple yet sleek design could work wonders.

Determining Prominent Locations :

Every client wants his platform to communicate with potential customers and attract their attention to some place important (and profitable). While websites offering certain services place discounts and packages at such prominent locations, advertisement sections are also popular in usage. The point is that client needs to decide where he wants visitors to pay attention and how objectives could be achieved through it.

So, these are the points you need to consider in redesign. However, there are a number of other points too such as professional website design company that need to be given attention when one is looking for website redesign. Well, I am sure you must have thought redesign demanding, though surely not this much!

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