Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mobile Application or Mobile Website - Which is Better ?

Businesses are always in dither when they wish to go mobile, and thus need to make a choice between mobile application and mobile website. Both come with their unique set of features and advantages. The same differences play a crucial role for businesses in the decision making process. So, let’s get acquainted with both to gain a better clarity about their appropriateness;

Mobile website

It wouldn’t be wrong to call a mobile website a browser based platform with focus on few important elements. While a website made to serve desktops carry humungous amount of information, rich use of graphics and large number of pages, mobile website comes with limited set of features and focuses on only the most critical features.

Mobile application

These fast & interactive platforms need to be installed initially and are also available offline. Mobile applications are developed to serve a specific purpose and often make use of mobile resources to do so. Mobile applications sometimes require approvals if they wish to become available to users of a particular platform such as Apple Store.

Which one is better?

As underlined above, both mobile applications and website carry their own unique traits and thus make it difficult for one to replace the other. The choice depends upon the goal that business, individual or developer wishes to accomplish on the mobile platforms.

Here are some examples explaining the point;

An entertainment magazine catering to mature clientele would prefer to go for mobile website rather than mobile application to protect its independence. Revenue sharing also sometimes tag along with mobile application, and if such an arrangement doesn’t suit the owner, then mobile website is more appropriate.

Gaming on the other hand is widely a mobile application phenomenon and there are plenty of examples to justify the idea. Various studies have indicated that when it comes to shopping and search, mobile browsers are popular amongst public. However, for managing information and social activity, mobile applications are more popular.

Predication makers have indicated that mobile sites will have the last laugh while presently popular mobile applications will occupy the backseat. However, it is difficult to point out a particular period when the same will happen. For the time being, mobile applications are the flavor of the season.

Cost aspect

The present cost norm is that mobile applications cost more as compared to mobile websites. However, the new breed of web development companies is changing this. Seasoned web development companies familiar with the industry potential are helping entrepreneurs in bringing their app ideas into reality.

While choosing a mobile partner, it is best to go with experience. If the firm, besides making mobile applications, has also been active in the web development business for reasonable number of years, then, it is sign of professionalism.

So, before choosing between the two, it would be wise to firstly discuss the business need & idea with the development firm, and then decide which one serves the purpose better.

Content Owner : FATbit Technologies ,  is a web services firm known for helping businesses and entrepreneurs with mobile solutions. It specializes in B2B, B2E and B2C mobile applications and platforms.

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