Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why NEED Portfolio | Why You Need portfolio website page

Why Need portfolio :Answer is very simple , A portfolio page is a collection of companies web design work samples and need is for client satisfaction and trust ...

Chances of not being aware of portfolio’s meaning are very less but just to make the point clear, portfolio is where one’s major work and accomplishments are highlighted. For businesses, portfolio serves a great purpose and communicates a lot about the company. Web based companies that derive their business from offshore clients doesn’t communicate in person, and in such cases, portfolio is the money spinner. So, here is why you need a great web design portfolio.

To Communicate

Content on a website informs about what is company all about, what it does and why its products and services should be considered. However, these are just words and mind you, web users require more than words to open their wallets. They need a better communication about what you have done in the past. This is accomplished by portfolio web page. It contains all the prominent works of a firm and what tools it employed to come up with them.

To Show Off

Just the way slaving on your job has no worth till your employer pays attention, having great work is useless if nobody takes notice. If one is good at something, he needs to put out its talent to get noticed. This is why photojournalists, creative designers, cartoonists and others professionals maintain web portfolios to show off their work. Company Portfolio is important in the same way. Lack of web portfolio will only make the visitor brush aside the company as a novice with no work to show.

To Build Trust 

A phenomenal website design is not enough to make a sale in the web sphere. One has to build trust amongst visitors by making them believe that they have reached the right web address. This is possible only by having something distinguishing to demonstrate. For a web design company or even freelance designer, web design work samples serve the same purpose.
Below mentioned are examples of how web design work could be demonstrated.

However, one needs to be careful when making portfolio designs because getting wrong here would only lead to farewell of a potential client. To get the portfolio right, pay heed to the following points.

Portfolio Designs

Website Portfolio

Highlight Technicalities

If your work is from a field which requires technicalities like programming language, web tools or design tools, then make sure you highlight them. Clients like to know about the technical capabilities of a potential firm.

Showcase your Best of the Best Work

It is obvious that every work wouldn’t be your best. Some would be more sound and attractive as compared to others. Hence, make sure to highlight distinguished projects in your portfolio website section that makes you stand apart from the rest.

Include EFQ and Contact Address

If your work struck the right chords, then it is very probable the person would like to get in touch. In that case if your contact address and proposal form couldn’t found, then it means trouble. So, place a link to RFQ somewhere easily noticeable to make your website design portfolio pay dividends.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get the great portfolio advantage.

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