Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Web Designers and Developers same or different ?

What is Difference Between web Designers and Developers or  Web designers Vs Web Developers : In normal conversation, web designers and developers are regarded as the same set of people, usually the ones who sit in front of computer systems and feed indecipherable codes to the screen which later become websites or pages. But the loose definition doesn't define either of the two correctly. Both are quite different set of professionals armed with different set of skills. So, let get to know them better. Shall we?

Web Designers - The Creative bloc
Web designers are the ones who can come up with vivid images in their mind after listening to client’s requirements. They form the creative bloc of a web services company and take care of almost everything that will be visible to the visitor of the website. If the designer is not able to do his part, website might not be able to leave a good first- impression. Following two points will introduce you to their work tools and knowhow.
  • Technical - Just creativity and imagination is not enough to come up with good designs. A designer needs to have technical expertise in tools that can be used to come up with awe inspiring designs. Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver are some of the design tools that best web designers have mastery over. This clan normally throngs websites like iStockPhoto, Kuler, and a number of CSS galleries.
  • Non-technical– To come up with designs that could engross the visitor, web designers need to have understanding of colors, fonts, images, and page layouts as only by scoring in all the mentioned elements that an engaging design could be evolved. Along with that, clarity in topics like typography, user interface design, and usability is something a best website design company looks for in its designing talent.
Web Developers - The Logical Bloc
If designer take care of the outside part, then it won’t be wrong to state that web developer takes care of everything that is inside. They are the ones who sit and code till the platform achieves functionality, efficiency, and stability. This part is not seen by the visitors but if a developer fails in his job, a visitor would eventually leave to never come back.
  • Technical - A developer needs to have a clear knowledge of languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, ASP, ColdFusion, Ruby, Python and many others. While familiarity with three or four might be the basic requirement of an employer, best web developers are known to be comfortable to code in more than five languages.
  • Non-technical - A best web development company usually states its developers as brilliant in logical reasoning, problem solving and of course the dreadful mathematics. A developer sees over the making of the platform from the very inception and takes care of functionality aspects too.
So, it could be stated that the two groups do entirely different set of jobs and to make a web platform, one would need assistance of both type of professionals. Interestingly, past years have seen rise of factotum tribe who are good in both.

However, the bottom line is the two are different… way different. - Best Web Design Company is a distinguished name in the field of web services amongst global businesses.FATbit Web designers and developers give it an edge over its rivals through their expertise in web tools.

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