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What Makes a Web-site Design Company Professional -Why FATbit

How to make selection of Website Design Company is not easy task… here are the areas in which a PROFESSIONAL has to score at any cost… Professional company has only handful of works to demonstrate, then, it probably means that the firm in talk is novice.
Setting up a service based business doesn’t ask a lot nowadays. With cloud computing to take care of the hardware part, all it requires is some professionals with technical skill, peripherals and one is good to go. However, this is not enough if one wishes to become a pro in the business. Becoming the same in web designing field asks for a lot more.
Professionals work differently, think differently and of course act differently.FATbit has seen seasons change in the design business and thus know what it takes to qualify as a trusted name.Below are the areas in which a professional has to score at any cost.
  • Experience:Time spent in a field is a great difference maker. One doesn’t need a critic to tell apart the work of a new designing firm and a seasoned professional; a web user could pick out the better work and considering all aspects, it is bound to be of a professional web design firm. It is only by spending time in a field that one confronts challenges and complicated projects and it is the same that burnishes skills too. FATbit knows this because it has been active in the designing field since 2004.
  • Meeting Deadlines Clients need designing work to be done in a particular time frame. Because clients already have atight schedule to follow, discrepancies in the final delivery could lead to financial and project hassles. Because of the same reason, clients prefer well established designing firms over freelancers. Cost is not a big issue for medium and large establishments but time delivery surely is. A professional web development company helps knows the same and thus gives great regard to meeting deadlines.
  • Diverse Portfolio : A portfolio demonstrates the works and achievements of a company. In case of a design company especially, portfolio is a very important because through it, clients come to know about the expertise and work experience of the company under study. If the portfolio contains technically sound as well as creative works, then possibility of partnering with the same firm is much more. Whereas if a company has only handful of works to demonstrate, then, it probably means that the firm in talk is novice. To be known as a professional website designing firm like FATbit, it takes time as well as innovative designing solutions.
  • Targeting Through Packages:
    Every client is different. Resources being limited, clients look for packages thatdon’t burn holes in their pockets.
    Hence, having an understanding of web design pricing models is critical. Though there are firms that strip clients from hefty sums by giving the argument of creativity and visual appeal, the fact is thatprofessional web designers can make engaging designs at legitimate prices. In addition to this, a pro design firm frames packages in such a way that, along with premium clients, it is able to service price conscious clients. FATbit scores pretty well in the same field too.
  • Range of Work Web designing is not a small turf. Clients ask for platforms built using specific tools and programs. Photoshop and HTML are quite popular amongst clients, though some even ask for using other design tools. FLASH too has its share of followers, Pros and Cons of Flash ;Hence, it is crucial for the company to have professionals that could entertain such requests made by the clients. This is not possible for a novice firm due to size and workforce limitations. Hence, here too, only a seasoned firm can finish the job.
With the help of its web experts and designing talent, FATbit Technologies has made its mark in the global arena by creating designs that are pleasure to an eye as well as technically sound. It also has expertise in the field of SEO and thus its designs are search engine friendly as well. So, these are the points that differentiate a professional from the rest.

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