Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to Make A Landing page | Design Ideas for Landing Pages

Design Ideas for Landing Pages : From business and conversion point of view, landing pages have great importance. But before moving ahead, let’s first understand what a landing page is. It is page that a user reaches after clicking on an advertisement or search engine result. While an advertisement or snippet gives web user a light idea about following page, it is the content of the page, known as landing page, which will convince the user and help in achieving the goal. Following points are used by designers to come up with effective landing pages
  • Display What Was Promised : This is the corner stone on which the whole concept of landing pages is build. A web user looks at an advertisement and is interested in what is being displayed. It is very clear that he clicked for that very thing and nothing else. So, if the landing page doesn’t keep the displayed item into focus and instead shows something else or even worse, takes user somewhere else, then there is no hope. A designer needs to make sure that focus is on the element is in talk.
  • Display the Best : Usually, display images and promises made set a very high standard regarding product or service on offer but on reaching the landing page, if user doesn’t find the same level of sophistication, then heartbreak is obvious. Hence, a website needs to make sure that landing page displays the best product on offer. If a website is selling bags, then landing page should have the best and latest designs. To ascertain this, it is important to have best web design Company by your side; a firm that knows how to make a design that can lure the visitor into making a purchase.
  • Multiple Actions :Continuing the same example, assume a woman reaches your landing page after getting attracted to the bag on the advertisement. However, the price tag is something she doesn’t like and is thus reluctant to buy. In such cases, there has to be link options which could take her to a page that offers similar models on discounted or less price. In the same way, “call to actions” need to be scattered around the page. Designers need to remember that some people like to go through the whole content and delay action. So, links need to be scattered in beginning, middle and end of the page.
  • Simplicity :Simplicity is something that can rarely go wrong. Hence, it only makes sense to opt for the same rule in case of landing pages. A designer needs to guide the eye of the visitor directly to the main action. And this would be much simpler if there is least number of distractions. Use of white spaces and large font could help in achieving the goal. The fact is that web users want things quick and if they don’t get it, they leave.
So, these are the design ideas one can consider for landing pages. It is better to discuss the same beforehand with the company from which one is availing website design packages.

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