Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Coming Web designers and Developers Conference 2013

Future of Web Design 
Conference Details :
Event Date: October 7 to October 9

Conference 2013

Venue:  AMC Empire 25, New York City ;
  • 234 West 42nd Street (8th & W 42nd)
  • New York, NY 10036 (212) 398 2597
  • Work Shop Venue 
    Event Type: For People who makes websites .  

    Event URL: http://futureofwebdesign.com/nyc-2013/ 

    Event Description: Future of Web Design back to New York City for 2013! This year we’ve switched up the scene for you and we’ll be taking over the AMC Empire 25 movie theater for a couple days of the very best in web design. Here’s what It will have on offer: 

    • 4 amazing day-long workshops led by the best in the business
    • More technical topics and practical guidance than ever before 
    • Healthy doses of inspiration 
    • Creative challenges

    Pricing Details Available at http://futureofwebdesign.com/nyc-2013/register/

    Important Sessions and Speakers: 

    From Sharpie to Sublime: A Responsive Design Intensive By Jason Pamental (Jason Pamental is the co-founder of h+w design, writer at thinkinginpencil.com and overall web & typography nerd. Favorite self-descriptor: specializing in being a generalist (he's worked on the web since 1994 in a range of capacities).

    Designing For Touch (This workshop takes a hands-on approach (*ducks*) to touchscreen design with practical guidelines, rich examples, exercises, and a bunch of new rules that bust the "settled" conventions of the desktop.) By Josh Clark (Josh Clark is a designer, developer, and author specializing in mobile design strategy and user experience. He’s author of the O’Reilly books “Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps” and “Best iPhone Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders.)

    Front End Legos: Reusable HTML & CSS (A sound understanding of HTML and CSS are required as the workshop will cover more advanced techniques around building and laying out websites.) By Shay Howe (As a designer and front end developer, Shay Howe has a passion for solving problems while building creative and intuitive products. Shay specializes in product design and interface development, specialties which he also writes and teaches about.)

    JQuery Bootcamp (In this workshop, we will discuss the basics of jQuery Mobile, how to build a mobile app taking advantage of jQuery Mobile and HTML5 and how to simplify the process of mobile app development.) By Mike Nimer (Mike Nimer, Solutions Architect for Universal Mind, has spent over a decade on the forefront of web application development and server management. He specializes in CQ5, Java, Android, HTML5/JS, Flex and ColdFusion development, as well as social media integration ) & Kellen Styler

    For Details About Speakers Visit http://www.futureofwebdesign.com/nyc-2013/speakers/ 

    Future of Web Design Why we are different What makes Future of Web Design different from other design conferences? Experience. We’ve been producing web design conferences for almost a decade, and are intimately familiar with the trends, technologies, and stars that make the web beautiful. Our two-track event means you always have a choice — you’re not locked into one room and one track. And we record every session for all attendees, so you’ll never miss a thing. As always, content is king.

    Thursday, July 25, 2013

    How to Write Effective Tweet & Get More Followers ?

    The normal behavior of most business owners, entrepreneurs and even common users that join Twitter fraternity is 'I will Tweet What I See'. In case of businesses representatives and young SM managers, it later changes to 'anything related to my industry'.

    At first glance, 140 characters seem insufficient but once you get the hang of it, they offer endless possibilities.

    There is no dearth of articles, slides & discussions giving crash course to people and business representatives about how to write professional tweets.

    Tweet As general user:
    Write a tweet like you’re having a conversation with a good friend.

    As business representative; 
    Show off your brand, industry knowhow and also share business news.

    People seek information as well as entertainment online. Twitter can be used to provide both.

    When you write a tweet, imagine
    • How your followers will use it?
    • How will it help them?
    • What purpose will it serve?
    The most retweeted content tends to contain links, pictures, videos or quotes. Paste a link of any length into the tweet box and it will automatically be shortened to fit the 140 character limit.

    Anatomy of a perfect tweet

    Headline + Length + Links +Timing
    • Headline should be Interesting, action oriented and containing good keywords & hashtags.
    • A perfect tweet is at most 120 characters or less to allow room for re-tweets.
    • Links are short. Use link trimming tools like https://bitly.com/ .
    • Schedule the post for a time when your followers are most active.

    Here is a breakup of a tweet;
    Anatomy of a perfect tweet
    How to Engage More and More Followers?
    • Ask questions and start discussions.
    • Participate
    • Follow people that matter to your business .
    • Tweet breaking news and about relevant events.
    You’ll be amazed at the valuable insights you’ll get about your followers.

    In a recent post on socialmediatoday, Allister Frost share his take on infographic from Neomobile and also gives insights on the perfect tweet.. Here is info graphic;

    Excerpts from Allister Frost’s Review (as published on http://socialmediatoday.com/allisterf/1615991/how-write-perfect-tweet)
    I wouldn't recommend always placing your links at the end of the tweet, as that’s the first bit that’ll get cut off if people do an old style retweet or append copy to the start of a reply. It’s safer to put your links in the middle of the tweet - even if that may look a bit ugly - so the integrity of the link is never compromised.

    After all, a tweet with a broken link is no use to anyone.
    So, on balance, I think I’d recommend this sort of structure:
    Structure Represent Following Info

    Tweet is divided in four sections
    • CTA – 20 Characters
    • Link – 20 Characters: Link your tweet to a source but make sure it’s worth a click Tweet! , Use link shortening services [goo.gl or bit.ly] to create better looking links Tweet!
    • Message – 80 Characters: Write a Good content that hit the reader with a key piece of information, Start with the headline of your post, playing on their minds a little, Try to spark some interaction within your tweet, Avoid capitalizing words, unless you want to look as if you’re shouting Tweet!
    • Leave blank -20 Characters
    What do you think is the recipe of a perfect tweet? Do you have any tips using which the visibility & reach of a tweet can be improved?

    Share your ideas in the comments section.