Tuesday, May 21, 2013

#1 , The Android Developer Conference , May 2013 - AnDevCon

Android Developer Conference AnDevCon Boston May 28-31, 2013
Event Date: May 28-31, 2013
Venue: AnDevCon will be held at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel.
  • Westin Boston Waterfront
  • 425 Summer Street
  • Boston, Massachusetts, USA 02210
  • Tel: +1 617 532 4600
Event Type: Multiple Day , Seminar/Training, Technology .  

Event URL: http://www.andevcon.com/AndevCon_boston/index.html 

Event Description: AnDevCon is the technical conference for software developers building Android apps . Whether you're an enterprise developer, work for a commercial software company, or are driving your own start-up, if you want to build Android apps, you need to attend AnDevCon, May 28-31, 2013 in Boston. Register early and save! 

Important Sessions and Speakers: 

Performance Challenges in Facebook Feed Development By Frank Qixing Du(Frank is a Software Engineer at Facebook.) and Mark Peng ( Mark is a Software Engineer at Facebook) 

Making Sticky Social Apps By Christine Abernathy (Christine is an Engineer in the Developer Advocacy team at Facebook) and Bear Douglas (Bear is a Developer Advocate at Facebook, where she works with new Platform developers )

Samsung + Developers = Android By Michael Ludden (Michael runs Developer Marketing for Samsung Developers, Samsung’s new developer-relations program, based in the heart of Silicon Valley. )

A Deep Dive into Renderscript By Larry Schiefer ( Larry is the CTO and cofounder of HiQES, a mobile, embedded and Web application-development service company.)

Connecting the Dots: Bluetooth in Your Application By Dave Smith (Dave is the lead engineer for mobile and embedded development at Double Encore, Inc. in Denver.)

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Is Finally Here for Android! By Dario Laverde (Dario is a Developer Evangelist at HTC. He has experience in software development for mobile, embedded, Web and enterprise )

Introduction to Android Animation and Optimizing Android UI ( Tips for Creating Fast and Responsive Applications) By Jason Ostrander (Jason is a Web and Mobile Software Seveloper, currently creating apps for the Nook tablet at Barnes & Noble.)

Battle-Tested Patterns in Android Concurrency and Tips, Tricks and Secrets of the Android Multimedia APIs By Doug Stevenson ( Doug is a Software Architect for DeNA, working on the Mobage platform, which is used by some of the top-grossing games in the Play Store. )

There Are Numbers , For that Visit http://www.andevcon.com/AnDevCon_Boston/classes.aspx, Choose from more than 65 classes on mobile app development and put together your own custom Android developer training experience. 

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