Monday, January 7, 2013

Year 2013 - Web development skills in demand

Here are the 7 design development skills that carry the potential to dominate 2013.  Future Techniques for Web Development That A web Developer to focus ..

Mobile development : Mobile platforms are the future and acquiring some set of skills to cater tomorrow's demand can turn out to be a wise decision.
Future Skills for web development
NoSQL will be in demand : Firms like Amazon and Microsoft at present support NoSQL, and if web specialists are to be believed, they are only going to get more popular in approaching times.

There’s something always brewing on the WWW, well more often than not there are twists and then there are turns, whatsoever, gossips are always good. So what’s the new hottie? HTML 5, eh?...Read About HTML5.
Windows 8 : Windows 8 too is looking promising if one doesn't get too skeptical.

User experience is crucial : There is too much competition in the applications business. Features are not the only difference makers anymore. User experience is a major factor that comes into play even before a download is made.

JavaScript :With the introduction of Windows 8, JavaScript has got a major boost as it has gained acceptance for desktop and tablet development.

jQuery : When it comes to web development work with HTML, jQuery is something a developer cannot do without.

Sure Thse design development skills are not the only ones that will dominate the New Year but they surely carry with highest stakes.

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