Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gossip a bit of what not to follow In SEO

However, it’s crucial to understand what works in the world of SEO and what’s not a good idea. There is a great amount of depth in SEO concepts, some forever young points if attended to could greatly improve the visibility of a website.
Let’s gossip a bit of what not to follow while doing SEO in order to take precautionary measures, and make perfect executions happen. Here you go:
  • It’s a bad, bad idea to use a hidden text in the background. Refrain! Restrict keyword frequency in the title tag.
  • Keyword stuffing is a big turn off. It crushes its credibility.
  • Redirecting the website from different domains is yet again a bad attempt.
  • Avoid using very small texts on the website.
  • An attempt to spamming is a big threat to your survival on the dot com fraternity.
  • Ensure that your website doesn’t cloak.
  • Participating in link farm programs isn’t advocated much.
  • Plagiarism is yet another unethical way to get SEO done.
  • Avoid using any programs that tends to manipulate Google SERPs.
  • Link Farming
  • Refrain from buying any irrelevant links on purpose.
  • Duplicate content on multiple domains 
  • In Short terms Unnatural Links are
    • Paid Links
    • Links from link exchange network sites
    • Link from irrelevant resources (irrelevant links are more responsible to ruin your SERp's)
    • Build lots of links with the targeted keyword or keyword phrase
    • Having all do-follow links
    • Have Links from banned site or Adult sites
    • Bulk submission 
  • Penguin is over-optimization penalty and that occurred in both On page as Well off-page . Penguin may have Visit to your website IF ?
  1. If your website is highly or badly optimized while focus on particular keywords . 
  2. Work to build links in excess with similar text in order to make it forcibly most relevant to page ... 
  3. Website is Fully targeted to build links with Money key phrases 
So Natural Linking With more Quality is Important .Content Sharing Techniques are most shared as Best SEO Techniques of 2013 ....

Content , content and Content , Add To your techniques in order to build top search visibility .

      These are some of the most recommended tricks and tips that must be followed in order to have a clean slate SEO practice.One Should Not Spam with Search engine . Resource: Easy Article .
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