Thursday, December 6, 2012

Features of a Real Estate Website

4 must haves For Real Estate Website

In most of the websites from a particular field, there are some glaring features that can be used to tell them apart. Such features are not just there to differentiate the website but are adopted to reflect ideas and assist visitors in looking for what they want. This phenomenon is universal and in the real estate websites too, there are plenty of common glaring features. Hence, it is very crucial for a real estate company to reach a website firm that takes into consideration the most critical features while designing a platform. Without further ado, here are some of the glaring features that should be taken into consideration while choosing a real estate web design company.

Property Locator Feature

This feature is the holy grail of real estate websites and that is the reason it finds first place in this list. Without it, establishing a website in the hearts of property hunters is near to impossible. By making use of the feature and mentioning details about property type, property features, price range, zip code and the like, anyone can narrow search to find the desired property. This makes the task for searching relatively easy. If a real estate web design and development company doesn’t regard this feature in its designs, then I am not sure how they make money.


An appropriate theme is very important for a real estate website. Apart from being the very first thing that catches visitor’s eye, it makes them reach on a number of conclusions regarding reliability and nature of the firm. The most popular perception amongst real estate customers is that a time tested firm has better deals and knows better than the new ones. Therefore, real estate companies try to reflect the same by opting for traditional and sophisticated themes. Before Narrowing down to a real estate website development company, make sure its portfolio takes the same in consideration.


A person looking for real estate, at the first opportunity, wants to have a glimpse of the property he is interested in. And what could be a better platform to showcase the best real estate than your own website? Keeping the same in mind, best real estate websites are usually image rich. Its designs are heavily dependent on images and this mostly works in favor of the company only. Therefore, before allocating your real estate web designing work, make sure that images are the specialty of contender firm.

Flash and Photo Galleries

We all know how powerful Flash is, especially when one has to make a very strong first impact. Flash can come pretty handy in real estate websites but usage has to made very wisely as we all are aware how it slows the website if overdone, not to mention it is not search engine friendly "Also Read Flash Pros and Cons" . That said, photo galleries are also a great resource to inform as well as engage visitors. Make sure there is scope to include one in the design you finally choose.

So, these are some of the features a real estate website must have. But don’t totally lean on these; research more to evolve the best website for your business.

Best of luck.

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