Monday, September 24, 2012

Web Design Decisions - A Checklist

Seems like a regular thing?
Customer quips, “Oh well, yeah, but I don’t know, I think the page is too narrow, it’s such a turn off to keep scrolling, it’s such a mess to scan the text amid a narrow layout”! And being a market specialist and an award winning website design company, you would quack in your mind, and fail to express to your disappointed client, “oh really? Like how wide do you really want it to be? To fill up your browsers? For Good sake, we aren’t designing plasmas, but websites”!
Tissues of great decisions make a great web designing professional

Whether you are on the first attempt or the 100th of designing a website, you must be aware of some rules of the game without a miss. If you are tagged as best web site design company, you must understand the crucial decisions that you must make to create wonders and not disasters. Web design decisions explicitly made are helpful in combating embarrassing moments with project executions and clients. A professionally made website design determines a business’ brand image largely.
Who would want to fritter away sparkling dollars for an ill managed website design that repels clients or potential customers? Act early! Make the critical decisions before falling off the lap!
There are certain essentials that you must work upon to make happier websites and even more delightful clients and campers. Doubtlessly there is a significant payoff for making quality decisions for every website design project that you embark upon.

Roll up your sleeves and here you go:
  • Being best website design companies, you should determine the chief purpose of your website. The purpose could vary from building the brand, provide information to drive sales, sell advertising, to earning affiliate commissions for sales and goals.
  • Decide whether the website requires any pre built solutions, like content management systems or scripts. Make sure you do your coding and illustrate web design packages based on that.
  • Segregate the website design into logical sections or create a handy and typical small site structure for better planning and execution.
  • There has to be a great site navigation system for effective user centric interface. That’s the ticket; an easy to use and functional navigation system enables your visitors to cruise through the website easily.
  • Well, a great website design condenses down to having a great and stunning look and feel. In order to give your website a top notch spark, you must have its exteriors well planned and designed. Don’t be too exhaustive, but make them notice, if it sells on the outside, your website will do wonders on the inside as well. A great looking website should be endowed with lots of white space and not gaudy show. Photographs, few graphics, authentic content, and a well planned navigation system should be good.
  • There are no two ways about the fact that your website should be SEO complying as well as in most cases today, mobile friendly.
  • Install customer communications systems .
  • Refine and keep honing the contents that are generated online and pushed live.
  • Sit and map out what your competitor offers and take a step ahead, well that goes out without saying for a ranked best website design company.
  • Chalk out your target audience before even commencing on any design plans.
  • Does the code validate and how semantic is it? Is your code deprecated or non standard? Decide upon that.
  • Give a thought upon structure, behaviour, and presentation.
  • How would the framework be like? A critical decision that largely determines the progress of the web design assignment.
  • Make important decisions on typography, colors, user interface, link visibility, layout, resolutions, aesthetics, and is it evaluated against web content accessibility guidelines?
  • Decide upon sensible URLs
  • Objective and budget are some more parameters that you need to being a professional give a thought upon.
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