Thursday, June 7, 2012

Web Design Pricing Models and Practices

Web Design Pricing Models : Agreed, you have a great web idea that you think will take the internet by storm. Again agreed that the idea has been approved by friends and it has the potential to come out as the next big thing, eventually making you a vault of dollars to take a dive in just like Uncle Scrooge from Duck Tales. But before all that to happen, you need a website that can propel your ‘great’ idea. The task might look easy initially but trust me it is not. There are thousands of design companies with their respective web design showcase out there screaming their price out loud. In such a scenario, how to know which is the best and more importantly, which one is ready to offer the best price.
Well, as stated earlier, task is not easy but achievable if some points are kept in mind. So, here is everything that you need to know about website pricing.

First of All
Different websites cater to different needs. There are static websites, dynamic websites like ecommerce platforms and content driven sites. They all ask for different resources, tools, experience and price. Therefore, making sure you have reached the right affordable website design company for getting the work done.

Web Design Pricing Models and Practices
Different companies follow different pricing models while charging for their services. While some calculate their fee on the basis of man hours spent, some go for ‘by the page’ model of pricing. Therefore, one has to take into consideration what kind of model the website company is operating under for pricing to decide on further path. Knowledge of the pricing model will make you analyze the quotes better and pick the one that is best for you.

Tips and Tricks of Saving Big
Now, that you are aware of the basics of web design and pricing, let’s learn some tricks that might help you in saving those bucks at the crucial stage of business commencement.
  • Everything Important In Writing: To make sure that website comes out on the terms previously agreed upon, make sure that everything crucial is in writing. Gain deep understanding of how the processes work and how the firm is charging. Steer away from firms that insist on ‘having their word’. And if you could not put things on paper because your ‘best web design and development company’ is located off shores, make sure everything important is covered in packages on display on the company website itself.
  • Get quotes: Quotes from different companies will make you aware of the prices scenario existing in the market. And trust me on this, you will get a lot of them if you are interested. Remember there are thousands of web design firms out there and all prevail to cater to your needs.
  • Scour the Web: Try to look for websites similar to your business model and get in touch with the ones that excite you. Ask the owners how much they paid to get the design work done.
In addition to the above points, study small and large scale website design packages with equal interest. You never know you will get bigger package by paying just a little more than your budget.
This was all about pricing. So long.
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