Friday, February 24, 2012

Some Crucial Website Design Decisions that you cannot Forego

Being a web designer is like a catchall phrase to many these days for the simple fact that designing websites are so common and has become automated. One of the wisest beliefs that do rounds on the internet space is if you planning to have an online business, you must have a website, if you don’t, then you plan to be a broke! Well, it could not have been said in a better manner. I agree too!
There are several web design companies and designers who are changing the online climate from time to time. But to have an impactful website design, one needs to have a brilliant eye for detail and of course creativity. For all those who have seen different weathers while being in this industry must be experienced enough to know the tricks to some great web page designs. However, those who are new to the domain must know certain strategies to make it happen, before they start counting and feel guilty of the mistakes they would even hate to admit.
So let’s roll up our sleeves to delve into the some significant decisions while designing websites that you must take care to come up with stellar designs that wow your customers and of course delight you first being the maker. 

Let’s look at these: 

  • Decide what your website’s purpose is. In order to have a strong Website Design Portfolio, you must know clearly in mind what your real ambition through your website is. Whether you want to build a brand, provide product knowledge, advertise, sell products or services directly on the website, provide customer service and support or the like. Determine the purpose to have clarity on what you wish to promote through your website.
  • Whether you want to outsource or do it yourself. If you hire a professional web design company, stay wary of making a wise pick. 
  • It’s always good to segregate your website into logical sections.
  • Once you have drafted out your final version of the website design that you finalize to push live, ensure you have an effective site navigation system.
  • Ask yourself whether you are creating it yourself or getting it done from some Web design company, is the media optimized? Is the user interface overcrowded? Is the design dynamic and impactful? Does the layout make absolute sense? How visible are the links? Is the white space judiciously utilized? Is the content of high quality? Is the design aesthetically appealing? Does the design scale at various resolutions?
These are some of the imperative decisions that you must cultivate in mind before making your website live. If you do not promote your website in an absolutely brilliant manner, it’s like a dead end zone where nothing sells or a damp field.

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